Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Well, I'll be...!

Over half a million visits this blog has had already, and the rate at which this number grows, only seems to be getting quicker. So, half a million thanks to everyone of you out there - let's see if we can't get it up to a full million within the next year, so we can have a proper celebration!


  1. Oh, and I found in the Internet Archive a good sized collection of C64 games in disk format, in their original form (uncracked), in G64 files. I won't tell the link, but search up "C64 Preservation", and you'll find it.

    1. Also, that will also cause some changes on the Loading sections of comparisons, as they are original copies, and not cracked ones.

    2. Sorry, but no. I've been aware of the preservation site for many years now, and I have occasionally used image files of original disks in comparing loading times, but frankly, comparing disk loading times is a bit useless in the case of C64. Not only because for the most part and by default, they're slower to load than disks on any other computer, but because loading disks on different disk drives will give you different loading times. Loading something on a 1541-II could be faster than loading the same disk on 154I, etc. This is also one of the reasons why I have dropped the loading section almost completely now - it's too much work for no real reason. Perhaps it's more relevant to readers in the North American region, but since MSX, Amstrad and Spectrum didn't really get much attention there, I don't really see much of reason to focus on loading times anymore.