This page features all Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog YouTube channel's videos in order of series and publication, from newest to the oldest. As of October 2019, the video series in the works are My Nostalgia Trip Games, FRGCB's Comparison Accompaniments and FRGCB's Let's Play. There might also be some special episodes done occasionally, which are listed below under "SPECIAL EPISODES".

For the episode lists for each of the main series, click on the pictures.




Finnish Independence Day 2022 Special - Aasipelit trilogy (6th of December, 2022)

A n00b's look at Philips Videopac G7000 / Magnavox Odyssey² (21st of May, 2020)

(Not A Very) Christmas Special 2020: Modern media storage devices for retro platforms (1st of January, 2021)

 12 Games of Christmas - FRGCB's Christmas Special 2021 (24th of December, 2021)


Introduction to FRGCB-TV (2nd of December, 2018)

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