This page features all Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog YouTube channel's videos in order of series and publication, from newest to the oldest. As of October 2019, the video series in the works are My Nostalgia Trip Games, FRGCB's Comparison Accompaniments and FRGCB's Let's Play.

In My Nostalgia Trip Games, I will be listing an innumerable amount of games that I go nostalgia tripping with, regardless of whether they're good or not. Each episode features 5 or 10 different games for a randomly chosen platform from my personal collection. All of the gameplay footage is unemulated, and is recorded using a Sony RDR-HX710 DVD-recorder, unless it's DOS or Windows 9x games, in which case I'm using OBS Studio, FRAPS or DOSbox, depending on the games. The full and frequently updated playlist can be found HERE.

Episode 58: Sony Playstation part 3 (25th of September, 2022)
Games featured: Incredible Crisis, Die Hard Trilogy, Colin McRae Rally & CMRR 2.0, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX / Maximum Remix, Tobal No.1

Episode 57: MS-DOS compatibles part 4 (4th of September, 2022)
Games featured: Roger Rabbit in "Hare Raising Havoc", Cyberia, Wacky Wheels, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Rally-Sport, Eye of the Beholder I & II, Life & Death II: The Brain, The Need For Speed, The Incredible Machine, The Fight of the Sumo-Hoppers

Episode 56: Atari 8-bit part 4 (21st of August, 2022)
Games featured: Arex, Pharaoh's Curse, Fire Chief, Caverns of Khafka, Zombies / Realm of Impossibility

Episode 55: Sega Megadrive/Genesis part 4 (7th of August, 2022)
Games featured: Super Thunder Blade, Altered Beast, Road Rash, Haunting Starring Polterguy, Ecco the Dolphin

Episode 54: NES part 4 (17th of July, 2022)
Games featured: Mario & Yoshi (a.k.a Yoshi), Solstice, Bionic Commando, Gumshoe, Contra (a.k.a. Probotector), Cobra Triangle, DuckTales, Lunar Pool (a.k.a. Lunar Ball), To The Earth, Ice Hockey

Episode 53: Windows 95/98 part 3 (3rd of July, 2022)
Games featured: Hover!, The Reap, Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity, Need for Speed II SE, Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Episode 52: Commodore Amiga part 5 (19th of June, 2022)
Games featured: Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, Sensible Soccer, Sensible World of Soccer, Superfrog, Oil Imperium

Episode 51: ZX Spectrum part 7 (29th of May, 2022)
Games featured: The Dukes of Hazzard, V, Fahrenheit 3000, Jungle Trouble, Kokotoni Wilf, Barmy Burgers, Cylu, Juggernaut, Corruption, Brat Attack

Episode 50: Commodore 64 part 7 (15th of May, 2022)
Games featured: Tom, Miami Vice, World Cup II, Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom, Big Ben, Beach Buggy Simulator, Entombed, Johnny/Snoopy, The Last V8, Cobra

Episode 49: MSX part 4 (24th of April, 2022)
Games featured: Blagger, Eggerland Mystery, the Goonies, Rollerball, Xyzolog

Episode 48: Nintendo Game Boy part 2 (10th of April, 2022)
Games featured: Burai Fighter Deluxe, Kirby's Dream Land, Qix, Mario's Picross, Game & Watch Gallery -series

Episode 47: Atari ST part 2 (27th of March, 2022)
Games featured: The Spy Who Loved Me, Tempest, Vroom, Brat, Goldrunner

Episode 46: Amstrad CPC part 1 (13th of March, 2022)
Games featured: Oh Mummy, Crazy Cars, A View To A Kill, Renegade, the Roland series

--- off-season ---

Episode 45: MS-DOS compatibles part 3 (28th of November, 2021)
Games featured: Slicks 'n' Slide, Pipe Mania, SimCity 2000, Descent, The Games: Winter Challenge/Summer Challenge

Episode 44: Sega Master System part 2 (14th of November, 2021)
Games featured: Shinobi, World Grand Prix, Wonder Boy, Action Fighter, Olympic Gold

Episode 43: Super Nintendo part 2 (31st of October, 2021)
Games featured: Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon, Mega Man X, Biker Mice From Mars, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Strike Eagle

Episode 42: Sega Megadrive part 3 (26th of September, 2021)
Games featured: Gynoug/Wings of Wor, Dynamite Duke, Samurai Shodown, Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP II, Stargate

Episode 41: Atari 2600 part 3 (12th of September, 2021)
Games featured: Adventure, Frostbite, Chopper Command, Canyon Bomber, Gravitar

Episode 40: Commodore 64 part 6 (15th of August, 2021)
Games featured: Bagitman, Wizball, Samurai Warrior, P.C. Fuzz, Winter Games

Episode 39: ZX Spectrum part 6 (25th of July, 2021)
Games featured: Splat!, A Day in the Life, Impossaball, Earthlight, Copta

Episode 38: MSX part 3 (11th of July, 2021)
Games featured: Nemesis/Gradius, Miner Machine, Choro Q, Mutant Monty, Tank Battalion

Episode 37: Sony Playstation part 2 (20th of June, 2021)
Games featured: Loaded, Gran Turismo 2, Resident Evil, Overboard!, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Episode 36: NES part 3 (15th of May, 2021)
Games featured: R.C. Pro Am, Metal Gear, Defender of the Crown, the Legend of Zelda, Battletoads

Episode 35: Atari ST part 1 (1st of May, 2021)
Games featured: Oids, Nitro, Hydra, Horror Zombies From The Crypt, Dungeon Master

Episode 34: Atari 8-bit part 3 (17th of April, 2021)
Games featured: Jet-Boot Jack, The Great American Cross-Country Road Race, Encounter!, The Goonies, Rainbow Walker

Episode 33: Commodore Amiga part 4 (3rd of April, 2021)
Games featured: Ports of Call, Dogs of War, Super Cars II, Flood, Another World

Episode 32: MS-DOS compatibles part 2 (20th of March, 2021)
Games featured: Doom, One Must Fall 2097, Vette!, Rockford, various Finnish worm games


Episode 31: Commodore 64 part 5 (22nd of October, 2020)
Games featured: Raid Over Moscow, Decathlon, Bigtop Barney, The Great Giana Sisters, Paradroid

Episode 30: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 5 (24th of September, 2020)
Games featured: Saboteur!, Cookie, TLL, Automania, Chronos

Episode 29: Nintendo 64 part 1 (10th of September, 2020)
Games featured: GoldenEye 007, Starfox 64 (Lylat Wars), Wetrix, Wave Race 64, Blast Corps

Episode 28: Atari 2600 part 2 (6th of August, 2020)
Games featured: Kaboom!, Midnight Magic, Enduro, Vanguard, Pressure Cooker

Episode 27: MSX part 2 (9th of July, 2020)
Games featured: Warp & Warp, Actman, Coaster Race, Guarcic, The Wreck

Episode 26: Windows 95/98 part 2 (4th of June, 2020)
Games featured: Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight, Interstate '76, Skraemtrolden Hugo, Myst, Windows mini-games

Episode 25: Commodore Amiga part 3 (7th of May, 2020)
Games featured: Skidmarks, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Lost Dutchman Mine, Hunter, DuckTales

Episode 24: NES part 2 (23rd of April, 2020)
Games featured: Snake Rattle 'n Roll, Blades of Steel, Super Mario Bros. 3, Nintendo World Cup, Supervision 52-in-1

Episode 23: Super Nintendo part 1 (9th of April, 2020)
Games featured: Super Mario Kart, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Pop'n Twinbee, Killer Instinct, the Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past

Episode 22: Sega Megadrive part 2 (26th of March, 2020)
Games featured: James Bond 007 The Duel,  The Terminator, Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego?, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Comix Zone

Episode 21: Commodore 64 part 4 (5th of March, 2020)
Games featured: Slap Shot, Elektra Glide, Poster Paster, California Games, The Last Ninja

Episode 20: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 4 (20th of February, 2020)
Games featured: River Rescue, Booty, Pssst, Kong Strikes Back, Wheelie

Episode 19: Atari 8-bit part 2 (6th of February, 2020)
Games featured: Spelunker, Captain Sticky's Gold, Montezuma's Revenge (proto), Dropzone, The Lone Raider

Episode 18: Sony Playstation part 1 (23rd of January, 2020)
Games featured: Destruction Derby, Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot, Future Cop L.A.P.D., Shellshock

Episode 17: MS-DOS compatibles part 1 (9th of January, 2020)
Games featured: Tetris, Night Mission Pinball, CD-Man, Star Control, Ski Jump International v2


Episode 16: Nintendo Game Boy part 1 (11th of August, 2019)
Games featured: Super Mario Land, Kwirk, Dr. Mario, Alleyway, Motocross Madness

Episode 15: Atari 2600 part 1 (26th of July, 2019)
Games featured: Pac-Man, Yars' Revenge, Keystone Kapers, Haunted House, Dragonfire

Episode 14: Commodore 64 part 3 (13th of July, 2019)
Games featured: Boulder Dash, Deflektor, Arkanoid II: Revenge of DOH, Spy vs. Spy, Hat Trick 

Episode 13: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 3 (29th of June, 2019)
Games featured: Dynamite Dan, Commando, Xeno, the Way of the Exploding Fist, Atic Atac

Episode 12: Commodore Amiga part 2 (15th of June, 2019)
Games featured: Take 'em Out, Pac-Mania, Stunt Car Racer, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?, Hostages 

Episode 11: Sega Master System part 1 (1st of June, 2019)
Games featured: Hang-On, Safari Hunt, Enduro Racer, Alien Storm, Fantasy Zone

Episode 10: Windows 95/98 part 1 (4th of May, 2019)
Games featured: Big Red Racing, Lode Runner Online, I've Got Some Balls, Action SuperCross + ElastoMania, Gearhead Garage

Episode 9: MSX part 1 (13th of April, 2019)
Games featured: Antarctic Adventure, Hyper Sports 1-3, F-1 Spirit, Knightmare, Yie Ar Kung-Fu

Episode 8: Commodore 64 part 2 (30th of March, 2019)
Games featured: Bruce Lee, Green Beret, Outlaws, Ghostbusters, BMX Kidz

Episode 7: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 2 (16th of March, 2019)
Games featured: Manic Miner, Daley Thompson's Super-Test, Wanted Monty Mole, Enduro Racer, Horace & the Spiders

Episode 6: Sega Megadrive part 1 (2nd of March, 2019)
Games featured: Out Run 2019, Sonic the Hedgehog, QuackShot, Mega Games I, Streets of Rage

Episode 5: NES part 1 (16th of February, 2019)
Games featured: Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

Episode 4: Atari 400/800 part 1 (3rd of February, 2019)
Games featured: Caverns of Mars, Blue Max, Henry's House, Rally Speedway, Alley Cat

Episode 3: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 1 (19th of January, 2019)
Games featured: Pole Position, Thro' the Wall, Jet Pac, Percy the Potty Pigeon, Chequered Flag

Episode 2: Commodore 64 part 1 (5th of January, 2019)
Games featured: Montezuma's Revenge, Buggy Boy, Uridium +, Cascade Cassette 50, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge

Episode 1: Commodore Amiga part 1 (18th of December, 2018)
Games featured: Emerald Mine, 4D Sports Driving, Twintris, Larn, Super Scramble Simulator

Introduction (2nd of December, 2018)

FRGCB's Comparison Accompaniment Videos

The title is the description: these are my personally crafted comparison videos to accompany some of FRGCB's comparison articles. These videos have been added to their corresponding comparisons since September 2019, unless comparison videos from other channels have been available to link (with the authors' permissions, of course).

- 4x4 Off-Road Racing
- l'Abbaye des Morts
- Agent X II: the Mad Prof's Back!
- Bank Panic & West Bank
- Bazooka Bill & Foxx Fights Back
- Dizzy! The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

- Dragonfire
- Endless Forms Most Beautiful

- Exolon
- Express Raider

- Firetrap
- Hungry Horace & Horace Goes Skiing
- Inside Outing / Raffles / Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper
- the Island of Dr. Destructo

- It's a Knockout!
- Knight Rider
- Lazy Jones

- Loco
- Milk Race

- Mr. Do's Wild Ride & Kong Strikes Back
- Motos
- Nero 2000
- Ninja

- Pinball Power (a.k.a. 3-D Pinball)
- Revs & Microcosm
- Rollaround
- Splat!
- Split Personalities
- Vixen
- the Way of the Exploding Fist
- Zamzara (Finnish Retro Game Review)
- Zybex

The less frequently appearing FRGCB's Let's Play puts me in front of unemulated retrogames that I like to play often, and I will attempt to make some sort of commentary while playing.

Episode 10: Enduro Racer / Sega Master System (10th of October, 2021)
Episode 9: Kangaroo / Atari 2600 (29th of August, 2021)
Episode 8: Batman the Movie / Commodore 64 (6th of June, 2021)
Episode 7: Automania / Sinclair ZX Spectrum (8th of October, 2020)

Episode 6: Hostages / Commodore Amiga (20th of August, 2020)

Episode 5: Road Fighter / MSX (23rd of July, 2020)

Episode 4: The Great Giana Sisters / Commodore 64 (25th of June, 2020)

Episode 3: JetPac / Sinclair ZX Spectrum (25th of August, 2019)
Episode 2: Spelunker / Atari 800XL (18th of May, 2019)
Episode 1: The Last Ninja / Commodore 64 (20th of April, 2019)



A n00b's look at Philips Videopac G7000 / Magnavox Odyssey² (21st of May, 2020)

(Not A Very) Christmas Special 2020: Modern media storage devices for retro platforms (1st of January, 2021)

 12 Games of Christmas - FRGCB's Christmas Special 2021 (24th of December, 2021)


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