This page features all Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog YouTube channel's videos in order of series and publication, from newest to the oldest. As of October 2019, the video series in the works are My Nostalgia Trip Games, FRGCB's Comparison Accompaniments and FRGCB's Let's Play.

My Nostalgia Trip Games

In My Nostalgia Trip Games, I will be listing an innumerable amount of games that I go nostalgia tripping with, regardless of whether they're good or not. Each episode features 5 different games for a randomly chosen platform from my personal collection. All of the gameplay footage is unemulated, and is recorded using a Sony RDR-HX710 DVD-recorder.

Episode 20: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 4 (20th of February, 2020)

Episode 19: Atari 8-bit part 2 (6th of February, 2020)

Episode 18: Sony Playstation part 1 (23rd of January, 2020)

Episode 17: MS-DOS compatibles part 1 (9th of January, 2020)

Episode 16: Nintendo Game Boy part 1 (11th of August, 2019)

Episode 15: Atari 2600 part 1 (26th of July, 2019)

Episode 14: Commodore 64 part 3 (13th of July, 2019)

Episode 13: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 3 (29th of June, 2019)

Episode 12: Commodore Amiga part 2 (15th of June, 2019)

Episode 11: Sega Master System part 1 (1st of June, 2019)

Episode 10: Windows 95/98 part 1 (4th of May, 2019)

Episode 9: MSX part 1 (13th of April, 2019)

Episode 8: Commodore 64 part 2 (30th of March, 2019)

Episode 7: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 2 (16th of March, 2019)

Episode 6: Sega Megadrive part 1 (2nd of March, 2019)

Episode 5: NES part 1 (16th of February, 2019)

Episode 4: Atari 400/800 part 1 (3rd of February, 2019)

Episode 3: Sinclair ZX Spectrum part 1 (19th of January, 2019)

Episode 2: Commodore 64 part 1 (5th of January, 2019)

Episode 1: Commodore Amiga part 1 (18th of December, 2018)

Introduction (2nd of December, 2018)

FRGCB's Comparison Accompaniment Videos

The title is the description: these are my personally crafted comparison videos to accompany some of FRGCB's comparison articles.

Revs & Microcosm


l'Abbaye des Morts


FRGCB's Let's Play

The less frequently appearing FRGCB's Let's Play puts me in front of unemulated retrogames that I like to play often, and I will attempt to make some sort of commentary while playing.

Episode 3: JetPac / Sinclair ZX Spectrum (25th of August, 2019)

Episode 2: Spelunker / Atari 800XL (18th of May, 2019)

Episode 1: The Last Ninja / Commodore 64 (20th of April, 2019)

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